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Faculty Getaways

Kick off Spring Session with your Credo FacNet! Faculty Getaways are a great opportunity to enjoy a few days together with your Credo FacNet friends, away from busy Sydney city! It's a time of getting to know friends better, and making new friends as you delve into God's word together and look at how the Bible applies to your life today as a student, and ahead, plus how as a Credo FacNet you can be working together to bring the magnificent truth of Jesus Christ to your fellow students at UTS this Spring.

Each faculty holds their getaways at different dates, so click below to find out more!

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Small Groups

Investigate Jesus in the Bible

Small Groups are great places to learn more about Jesus through discussing the Bible in a relaxed atmosphere. In a Small Group you can get to know other people, grow in knowing Jesus more deeply, and help your friends and classmates experience the difference Jesus makes at uni and beyond. Whatever background or culture you come from you are welcome to join a Small Group.

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Equip yourself to make a difference for Christ

Prime is a training program that offers a variety of different modules each session. Registrations for the Spring session 2017 are open now. Click below to find out what's on offer.

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Public Talks

Learn more about Christianity

Every week of semester, Credo runs public Bible talks. Anyone is welcome to come along and learn more about Christianity! You can pick a Public Talk that would be fun to bring your friends and classmates along to.

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