Easter Time Convention 2019 (ETC19)

Thursday 18th - Monday 22nd April (Easter 2019)

The Tops Conference Centre, Stanwell Tops

ETC (or Easter Time Convention) is Credo's Annual Conference - each year we gather over the Easter weekend to discuss a biblical topic, and to meet, make friends and spend time with the whole community of Credo.

What do our lives revolve around – or whom?
“Worthy is the Lamb, who was slain, to receive power and wealth and wisdom and strength and honor and glory and praise!” (Revelation 5:12)

The Bible shows us that Jesus is worthy of all our worship – but there’s got to be more to worship than just singing on Sundays.
At Credo’s Easter Time Convention 2019, we’ll come together and explore how God calls us to give our whole lives in worship, as we hear Bible talks from Rhys Bezzant, Lecturer at Ridley Theological College (Melbourne), engage in discussion groups, workshops, and connect with others.

The purpose of ETC is to be a welcoming community for everyone – all faculties, international and local, anyone who is investigating Jesus. At ETC we will stretch our understanding of God, make new friends and energise ourselves for mission on campus.

We’ll be back at Stanwell Tops Conference Centre - a great venue south of Sydney close to the beach.

How much does ETC cost? What are the rego options?

First Years & International Students

The best deal possible - you still get the whole ETC for just $335! Uni's just started so what better way to connect with others at uni and keep growing as a Christian than to come to Easter Time Convention?

First Release - $340

Our first release of registrations for Full Time attendees of ETC. Available until 7 February.

Second Release - $350

Full Time registration including all your meals, accommodation, and everything ETC has to offer! This is the best way to experience ETC.

Day Rego & Grads Day $70

If you're a current student and can only visit for the day, you're still welcome. Day Rego is $70 including lunch, dinner and everything in between - avail. Fri/Sat/Sun Grads are invited to join us every year on the Saturday of ETC and we have a special workshop by Kara Martin on 'Work and Worship' that we reckon will be super encouraging for you!

Part Time Rego - $190

If you can't join us for the whole time, Part Time registration is available for EITHER Thurs Night to Saturday Lunch OR Saturday Arvo to Monday Lunch.

Last Chance Rego!

If you really forgot to rego or only just found out about ETC, a limited number of last chance regos are available from 7-15 April only - for $360. First Years can still rego for the regular price because we know it can take a bit of extra time to get to know Credo and decide to come along.

CAPS Day - $110

Christian Academics, PHDs and Staff (CAPS) are invited to join us on Easter Sunday from 2:30pm to Monday lunch. We'll celebrate Resurrection Sunday together and you'll join in for our last keynote talk, along with some time to discuss the talks together and meet and encourage students in Credo. The cost of $110 includes dinner, breakfast, lunch and accommodation.

Please don’t let money stop you from coming to ETC. Payment plans and limited subsidies are available for those in need, contact conferences@credo.org.au.

Register now for ETC2019!

"What I like about ETC..."

“I thought it was going to be like a youth group camp – but it was so much better!”
Tinik – 1st Yr DAB

“I love delving into a doctrine – ETC is a really unique opportunity to spend 5 days in one topic and go really deep.” Angela – 5th Yr Law

“It’s great to gather with the wider Credo community to be excited about mission in the year to come. I didn’t know many people outside of my course when I first started at UTS and I got to get to make friends outside nursing.”
Kaitlin – 3rd Yr, Nursing

“Easter Time Convention’s such a great way to refocus your mind on Jesus as the year kicks off – it’s fun and exciting.”
Rachel – 2nd Yr, Education

“ETC is a good launch pad to really grow with God, and then keep growing throughout the year.”
George – 1st Yr Science

A Day In The Life of ETC

Wake up and have breakfast 
Stretch your understanding of God in the morning talks
Stop and spend time with God during reflection time
Take a break for morning tea or grab coffee from the Brew Bar
Dig deeper in discussion with other students in review groups
Re-energize with lunch in the dining room with friends or someone new
Relax in free time with an organised or spontaneous activity
Learn practical ways to grow during workshops
Enjoy dinner before night sessions
Reflect on Easter and what that means for us in the evening session
Chill with people from your Facnet at the bonfire or around board games
Wind down and enjoy supper with new friends


Your questions about ETC answered!

How do I get to ETC19?

For those registered full-time we can help with car pooling to Stanwell Tops Conference Centre on Thursday afternoon / evening, and back home at the end on the Monday afternoon. (Some may need to catch the train to Helensburgh station and be met there.)

For those coming to ETC part-time we ask you to organise your own transport to Stanwell Tops Conference Centre. It is approx 10 minutes past Engadine in the Sutherland Shire. There is plenty of parking on site for those who are driving.

What are the facilities like?

The Stanwell Tops Conference Centre is clean and well maintained and set in natural Australian bushland with stunning coastal views.

Sleeping arrangements are 6 max per dorm room (single gender) and each room has bathroom facilities. Email conferences@credo.org.au if you have particular questions or requirements.

The food catering at Stanwell Tops Conference Centre is excellent, as student feedback from last year would attest to, and the kitchen staff can cope with a range of dietary and medical requirements with adequate notice, such as ‘vegetarian’ or ‘lactose intolerant’ etc. Let us know about any special dietary requirements when you register in the response field provided. Note that special diets can not be catered for if registering during the “late” period from April 1.

The site is owned and run by the Churches of Christ denomination and our use for ETC is subject to respecting their values, including being drug and alcohol free.


What do I need to bring?
Bring what you would typically bring to camp, sleeping bag/bedding, toiletries, clothes – for warm and cold weather, spare undies, shoes, something you don’t mind running around in for our ultimate frisbee competition, a Bible, pen and some card or board games wouldn’t be a bad idea!
I have allergies or a special diet…
That is totally fine, the site will be able to cater for you, just make sure you let us know in the registration form. We’ll follow you up and introduce you to the Special Diets coordinator at ETC so you always know what food is for you. As far as we know, no one has ever gone hungry!
Stanwell Tops is a ‘nut free zone’ as far as catering and food provided by the venue – so while that means no peanut butter at breakfast, we’d still recommend you bring your own Epipen if you are anaphylactic.


What if I’ve never been to a Christian convention before?

We are uni students, so we love fun, we enjoy stretching our minds, getting to know people, and will honestly welcome anyone studying at UTS, whether you’ve never opened a bible before or have grown up attending church weekly! You will meet people crazy passionate about God, and others who claim to know nothing, and all in between. You can take things at your own pace, choosing simply to observe activities such as prayer if you so choose – no pressure!

If you still have questions also read the What Happens? FAQ

What if I don’t know anyone?

UTS is a big uni, with over 40,000 people! Sometimes it can be easy to feel a bit lost. That is where ETC helps big time! Being early in the year ETC is an ideal place to meet new friendly people and personalise your uni experience. We can guarantee you will not feel like the only newcomer and we work really hard to provide a variety of ways to develop new friendships (eg. Smaller discussion groups, Faculty group events and activities, meal times)


I’m struggling for cash to pay upfront…

Credo wants everyone to be able to come to ETC, including you! We can offer payment plans to people who are genuinely struggling to pull the cash together, which usually involve paying a deposit and then making payments over time. Subsidies may also available for international students.

If you’re not struggling to find the cash, why not contribute to subsidise another student to be able to come? Email conferences@credo.org.au


Will the talks be too challenging? What are they about?
This year the talks are on ‘Centred’ – centring our lives around the worship of Jesus Christ, and how that makes our lives better, not boring. We hope that the talks are challenging and cause you to think and reflect, but Rhys will be working to make them clear, understandable and relatable.
We’ll also have two Easter talks and a range of workshops which will be practical and engaging. Kara Martin will be leading one of our workshops on the topic of “Workship” which promises to be super helpful for those looking towards the workplace and UTS students in general.
When do regos close?
Standard Regos close on the 7th April so get in while you can, you don’t want to miss out!!
(There is a “last chance” rego until the 15th April, but will cost you a lot more for procrastinating til the absolute last minute, so why wait?)