Rhys Bezzant

Easter Time Convention 2017 (ETC17)

13 - 17 April (Easter 2017)

The Tops Conference Centre, Stanwell Tops

ETC (or Easter Time Convention) is Credo's Annual Conference - each year we gather over the Easter weekend to discuss a biblical topic, and to meet, make friends and spend time with the whole community of Credo.

The purpose of ETC is to be a welcoming community for everyone – all faculties, international and local, anyone who is investigating Jesus. At ETC we will stretch our understanding of God, and galvanise ourselves for mission on campus.

We’ve got a new location - it will be in Stanwell Tops Conference Centre - a great venue south of Sydney close to the beach. We also have a new speaker, Rhys Bezzant from Ridley College in Melbourne who will give keynote talks on the theme of Sanctification  - how God's love renews us from the inside out to people who are truly purified and holy.

We struggle with how to look good enough on the outside, but Jesus said that what comes out of us comes straight from the heart.

At ETC 2017 we will go way beyond self-help and positivity, as we discover how God renews us from the inside out.

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– There are no longer day visits or part-time attendance, but only one full-time  “late rate”  of $375

– We can now only take Credit Card payments during the late registration period. Your late registration will not be accepted without a credit card.

– You must be able to make their own way to ETC at Stanwell Tops

– We can no longer accept any registrations that require any special dietary or medical conditions (including vegetarian).

Full Time Late Rate $375

$375 Full-time late rego, no dietary / medical. must pay by credit card and organise own way to Stanwell Tops.

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A Day In The Life of ETC

Wake up and have breakfast 
Stretch your understanding of God in the morning talks
Stop and spend time with God during reflection time
Take a break for morning tea or grab coffee from the Brew Bar
Dig deeper in discussion with other students in review groups
Re-energize with lunch in the dining room with friends or someone new
Relax in free time with an organised or spontaneous activity
Learn practical ways to grow during workshops
Enjoy dinner before night sessions
Reflect on Easter and what that means for us in the evening session
Chill with people from your Facnet at the bonfire or around board games
Wind down and enjoy supper with new friends

Meet the Speaker!

Rhys Bezzant is a lecturer at Ridley Bible College in Melbourne, where he teaches Church History, Theology and Worship. Rhys has also lived in Germany and the USA, and likes hiking and travel, is a serious coffee drinker, and has a pet Staffordshire bull terrior named Gustav. He is passionate about Christian leadership development and helping people to leaders amongst God’s people.

While living in the uni colleges, Rhys saw ten of his friends become Christians, and decided he would love to spend his days helping people become Christians and grow.

“The Christian life is more of a marathon than a sprint, so we need all the help we can get to keep going.”

He will be speaking to us each morning at ETC 17 about “sanctification” – how Christian growth happens and what really drives it. Later on, we’ll have time in Review Groups to discuss what we covered in the talks and really dig in to how God’s word makes a difference to our lives.

Cassie Haywood

First Time at ETC

ETC was amazing! I had felt quite nervous about it originally as I didn’t know anyone besides my small groups leaders who were going. Everyone was so friendly though and I made so many friends! After ETC I could spot all these Credo people around campus, which was awesome. It was so encouraging to spend time like that away from everything to focus on God and learn about him! I really enjoyed it and would definitely recommend it!

Aidan Mayhrhofer

First Time at ETC

When I first heard about ETC I didn’t know what to expect and I barely knew anyone that was going. Despite this I went along and it was by far my highlight of the semester. It was really encouraging seeing so many Christians all coming together, praising God and having fun. I’d definitely recommend ETC to anyone, and I can’t wait for the next one!

Becca Dong

UTS Graduate

In my first year, I was very hesitant about going to ETC, but since then I’ve always looked forward to it. It’s a great chance to dig deep into the bible with the Credo family over Easter. Going as a Grad last year signified the end of attending ETC full time. It was a great chance to know what God had been doing at Credo and to also catch up with some old and new Credo-ites. It was also a great time to be challenged and encouraged by other brothers and sisters in Christ, in my walk with God.