Faculty Network – Communications

Who We Are

Credo’s Communications Faculty Network, or the Comms FacNet, is a community of students connected through the school of Communications, part of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) at UTS.

What We Do

During semester, we meet weekly in small discussion groups called Small Groups. Small Groups are a great place to read and engage with the Bible, ask questions, meet other students in your faculty and get to know God better. We love visitors and new members – click here to be involved!

Throughout the year, we also organise social outings such as museum visits or dinners near UTS, study and prayer sessions, and other special events. We also go away for a ‘Getaway’ weekend in second semester. These are all great opportunities to not only meet new people in our faculties but also to grow our existing relationships with each other as we spend a weekend away together, thinking through God’s word. The Comms FacNet also meets with other Credo Faculty Networks at weekly Public Talks, Credo’s annual Easter Time Convention (ETC) and other great Credo events throughout the year.

Christine Chen and Siobhan Kennedy are our 2016 Comms FacNet Leaders. Christine studies straight Comms majoring in Public Communication (Advertising), and Siobhan studies a combined degree of Social and Journalism with International Studies (Spain). They are both super excited to see God’s work in Comms this year and would be very keen to answer any questions that you may have. You can contact them using the links below.

How to get connected

Find us on Facebook here.

Feel free to email us at comms@credo.org.au