2022 Autumn Weeks 8-12



PLUS Weeks 8-12

Week 8: Anger   


Emotions are complex, but they are useful for telling us something about what we value. Anger can often be a difficult emotion to untangle, but what might be the benefit of understanding our anger better? How might we deal with our anger in a way that is helpful?
Week 9: Grief  


Often in the western world, grief is something that is meant to be hidden away from the public eye. Tears are perceived as a sign of weakness; the “strong” person overcomes grief quickly. But is this really the way it’s meant to be? Let’s see what the Bible says about grief and how Christians should approach it.
Week 11: Shame  Unscrambling shame is a challenge because it’s so raw. Shame strikes to the heart of how we understand ourselves, our value and worth. It’s that feeling of wanting to curl up in a ball and hide. As with all emotions, shame tells us something but can often over-function, crippling us.

Jesus neither excuses our shame for wrongdoing, nor heaps more shame on us, but invites us to bring our shame into the open, and have it met with the unrelenting grace of God.

Week 12: Fear  


Uneasy, jittery, cold-feet, nervous, worried, anxious, scared, panicked, terrified .. fear expresses itself in many ways! Fear leaves its fingerprints on our bodies, our hearts, our behaviour, and our relationships, and it prompts a ‘fight or flight’ response.

In times of fear, God tells us he is near – he is with us, he reassures us and invites us to trust him. How does engaging with our fears, with God, help us grow and deal with them in helpful, healthy ways?


Location: on campus!


Wednesdays, 12-1pm (during Autumn/Spring session)

Location: CB11.05.102/104

A community-filled hour featuring a talk, faculty-led interaction time & stories

PLUS International

Thursdays, 5-6pm (during Autumn/Spring session)

Location: CB08.05.002

A Bible talk with an international focus