About Prime

Part of our vision in Credo is to see movements of people giving themselves in active service of Christ, throughout uni and all of life. Prime is our training community to equip you in understanding, motivation and skills for this exciting cause. A variety of training modules are offered each uni session (i.e. semester), led by an experienced coach. There are four Prime training hours in the week: Wed 3pm, Wed 5pm, Thurs 9am and Thurs 11am.

– Modules run for one hour per week, from week 3 until week 11 (Autumn and Spring sessions).
– All Prime training is designed to be practical, biblical and personally transformative, so any selection will be beneficial.
– Modules are capped in group size to enhance the coaching experience.
– $15 for each module of Prime training (covers materials).
– NOTE: not all modules are offered at each of the four training hours, so please choose carefully.

Registration for Spring 2018

Engaging with Hinduism:

The fastest growing religion in Australia is Hinduism (2016 census) including many students at UTS. Tourists to India typically approach Hindu’s and their practices as a ‘curiosity’, but this module will take you beyond the surface and help Christians understand this ancient faith / worldview for genuine engagement and deeper interaction.

        - 1 choice: Thursdays 11am

Reasoned Hope:

Does Jesus really provide purpose, peace and wholeness? Does Christianity even make sense today? How do we respond to the challenges of science, sexuality, suffering and more? The Bible urges us to be ready to give the reason for our hope - let’s get ready!

This module will involve each participant preparing a short presentation on a topic of their choice, to share with their module group. This may involve extra time outside the Prime hour.

        - Four choices: Wednesdays 3pm or 5pm, and Thursdays 9am or 11am (FULL!)

Work In-Transit:

Is your energy already being demanded more by work than by study? Perhaps you are finishing uni soon and wanting to prepare for “the next chapter” beyond UTS. We will explore a Christian approach to work, career, money and “everyday life” (beyond church and family.) Be primed for a theology of the other six days!

        - Two choices: Wednesdays 5pm or Thursdays 9am

Engaging with Islam:

A quarter of the world and many of our classmates follow Islam. It's often misunderstood and feared, but ignorance helps no one. This module will challenge Christians to engage socially & theologically with Islam.

        - Two choices: Wednesdays 3pm or Thursdays 11am

Gospel Shaped Study:

Can a fail ever please God, or an HD dishonour him? While we all want to succeed academically, to truly thrive at uni we need Jesus. We will discover together how the truth of Jesus impacts our everyday - even our study - and frees us to approach our degrees with God’s perspective, and to maximise our time at uni for his glory.

        - Two choices: Wednesdays 3pm or Thursdays 9am

Small Group Leaders' Essentials:

Vital training on why and how to help your small group become a welcoming community transformed by God’s Word. This module is essential for those leading Credo Small Groups for the first time in Spring, and is open to anyone interested in the possibility of leading groups in the future.

This module will be offered at least once on Wednesdays and once on Thursdays (with the possibility of more depending on demand). We will schedule the module sessions to enable as many potential new leaders as possible to attend. After you have registered, we will be in touch to confirm session details.

        - Possible times: Wed 3pm, Wed 5pm, Thurs 9am, Thurs 11am


Once you register, a Prime coach will contact you regarding locations, payment method, and other information.