Public Talks

Public Talks

Finished for the year but will return in Autumn 2018

Every week of semester, Credo runs public Bible talks that are open to anyone in the UTS community. No matter who you are, where you’re from or what you believe about God, we’d love for you come along and learn more about Christianity!

People want to engage with the Bible differently, so pick a Public Talk that would be fun to bring your friends and classmates along to.

Room Locations & Times



Location: TBA

A short Bible talk and a chat over snacks with the option to continue over lunch

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Location: TBA

A Bible talk for international and local students and a dinner to meet people afterwards

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You can also listen to past public talks here.

  1. NTE - Video:
  2. ETC (Easter Time Convention) - Get excited and come join us next year during Easter, 2018!
  3. Ruby Jubilee: come join Credo as we celebrate turning 40! On the arvo of 21 October (Saturday), current Credo students, recent grads and older grads will gather together as we praise God for all He has done in Credo over the past 40 years.
  4. Summer session: One great way to stay in touch over summer is to come to Credo's Summer Sessions. They’re on Thursdays all across summer, beginning Nov 30.

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