What if Suffering Could Make Sense?

Reading the Bible in a Trio

Reading God’s word in a Trio is a brilliant way to get to know each other and God much better. It’s as simple as you and another friend from Credo (typically from your Small Group) inviting a friend from outside of Credo (preferably someone who doesn’t already know Jesus) to join you in reading about him.

Trios are great for nurturing friendships, since they’re small and flexible, and they really allow your unbelieving friends to ask their questions and to see the difference Jesus makes in your life.

But what should you do, and where should you start, once you meet up? In a group of this size you obviously want to be conversational. But how do you lead a conversation in the Bible?

We recommend using the 5 R’s – 5 simple questions (all beginning with R) giving you just enough structure to make your conversations purposeful and clear. You can memorise the 5Rs if you wish but there’s really no need: just grab one of our special bookmarks or visit /bookmark.

We also recommend that you start with Mark’s Gospel – it’s short, punchy and all about Jesus. You can purchase a special Credo edition for just $5 from PLUS or Prime. We suggest 7 passages to discuss together – enough to give you a grasp of the whole Gospel, but not so many that you can’t read them all comfortably across a semester or year. For guidance on reading Mark in a Trio please go to /mark.