Winter Time Conference

Credo’s first ever WTC (or Winter Time Conference) is here! Join in on our day long conference where we will be listening and discussing our topic, God our Refuge! Meet and make friends across the whole community of Credo, as we gather (although not physically) to worship God! WTC will consist of a morning and night session, with FacNet time and a range of seminars to choose from in between. It will be a great time to connect over fun and games, as well as getting to know each other better through the planned events, such as Family Time. So, come and stretch your understanding of God and be re-energised in joining in worship with fellow Credo brothers and sisters in Christ! Hope to see you there!

Registrations now closed 🙁

email if you have any questions!

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the conference?

Saturday, 27th June. This is the first week for many after UTS exams.

Does anything come with registration?

A conference pack will be provided to everyone who registers. You’ll receive a book and some other materials to help you make the most of the online conference.

Where is the conference being held?

Your home! While some restrictions are being lifted, we still encourage social distancing measures to be taken. The majority of the sessions will be held on Zoom, however some are scheduled to be livestreamed, to which instructions will be given on where to go at what times during the day.

Are there breaks in-between the sessions?

There are scheduled breaks between the different planned sessions throughout the day, so you can have lunch, go for a short walk, or reflect on what you have just learnt!

How much does it cost to attend WTC?

Prices include the conference pack and its delivery to your home

  • Early bird registration – $15 by 11th June
  • Normal registration – $20 by 17th June
  • Last minute registration – $22 from 18th June onwards