Faculty Network: Design, Architecture and Building (DAB)

Who we are

Credo’s DAB Faculty Network is a community of students connected through the Design, Architecture and Building faculties at UTS.

What we do

Prayer is important to the Christian life, especially when one gets stressed. So here in DAB, we want to encourage each other to remember God in all aspects of our lives. We also want to be reminded of the power of prayer, as no task is too big for our God.

We realise that being a design/ architecture student, it is sometimes full on, especially towards the end of the semester. This often means time is hard to come by. So in true DAB fashion we’re going to put a spin on prayer partners. We strongly encourage those who can meet up to do so, but when time gets tough instead of stopping grab your phone, pen, keyboard and shoot your partner a message full of your prayer points for the week.

Having that accountability reminds us to take a quick spiritual inventory: How has God been working in my life? What can I praise Him for? Where am I struggling? If you think you might like to have a prayer partner, or have any questions about it, don’t hesitate to contact your FacNet leaders; otherwise we’ll look at them further at Easter Time Conventions/ Getaways!

Grow Groups are a fun and social way to regularly read God’s word with fellow Christians. They are also a great opportunity to invite your classmates who may not know Christ in a relaxed atmosphere. We encourage involvement in Grow Groups as they are a great way to foster more personal relationships, and they prompt deep and challenging discussions about Christ. To sign up, click here.

Socials are a great way to build a sense of community amongst DAB students. This year we’re seeking to grow our community, and we think informal hang outs are a great opportunity to do so. As we’re a new faculty we’re still trying to find our groove and are exploring these possibilities:

  • informal fortnightly hang out; this could include getting ice cream together, or drinking coffee.
  • once a semester public intervention; by this we mean hosting a event in a public space. Some ideas we’re playing with include an Open Mic Night, Craft night.

If you’re interested in helping out and getting more involved in this area of the FacNet we’d love your input!

We believe these events are a great way to use the creative skills DAB students have in a practical way to create an easy going atmosphere that can be used as a platform to talk to our classmates about Jesus.

Once a year, students have the opportunity to join us on our weekend away. This is usually at the beginning of semester 2. It’s a great chance to invite friends who are interested in finding out more about Jesus and the life of a Christian, as well as develop new friendships with the people in our faculty.

How to get connected

Find us on Facebook and Instagram.

Email our Faculty Leaders via [email protected].