Credo’s governing constitution and doctrinal basis

As a Christian student society at UTS, Credo operates under a constitution (with a set of doctrinal convictions) that define who we are and how we function.

Clause 1. Name and Terms

The name of the society is Credo, operating at the University of Technology Sydney.

The following terms, unless indicated otherwise, shall mean:

Society: Credo

UTS: University of Technology Sydney

Student: A registered student of the UTS

Member: A member of Credo

Clause 2. Aims

2.1 To uphold the fundamental truths of Christianity as contained in the Bible.

2.2 To present students with the Christian gospel and to lead them to a personal faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

2.3 To strengthen Christians in their faith and witness and to encourage them to continually submit every aspect of their lives to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

2.4 To present Christians with the challenge of missionary service.

Clause 3. Doctrinal Basis

Credo affirms and upholds the fundamental truths of Christianity as contained in the Bible including:

3.1 The divine inspiration and infallibility of Holy Scripture as originally given and its supreme authority in all matters of faith and conduct.

3.2 The unity of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit in the Godhead.

3.3 The universal sinfulness and guilt of human nature since the fall, rendering all people subject to God’s wrath and condemnation.

3.4 The conception of Jesus Christ by the Holy Spirit and his birth of the virgin Mary.

3.5 Redemption from the guilt, penalty and power of sin only through the sacrificial death, as our representative and substitute, of Jesus Christ, the incarnate Son of God.

3.6 The bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.

3.7 The necessity of the work of the Holy Spirit to make the death of Christ effective in the individual sinner, granting repentance towards God and faith in Jesus Christ.

3.8 The indwelling and work of the Holy Spirit in the believer.

3.9 The expectation of the personal return of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Clause 4. Membership

4.1 Membership of Credo shall be open to all who pay the annual Credo membership fee, who agree with the aims of Credo as set out in Clause 2, and who sign the following declaration:

I desire in joining Credo at the University of Technology, Sydney to declare my faith in Jesus Christ as my Saviour my Lord and my God.’

4.2 The Committee shall determine what the annual Credo membership fee shall be in line with ActivateUTS guidelines.

4.3 Membership of Credo may be terminated by a member lodging with the Credo Secretary written notice of resignation; by the member ceasing to be a financial member; or by expulsion by the committee subject to the provisions of Clauses 5.15 to 5.19 inclusive.

Clause 5. Government

A. General Meetings

5.1 An Annual General Meeting of Credo shall be held before December 1st each year, at a time considered suitable by the Committee.

5.2 The Annual General Meeting (hereinafter called AGM) shall elect a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Promotions Officer and any other members of the Committee that the AGM considers fit for the ensuing year, and shall receive reports by the outgoing President, Secretary, and Treasurer and transact any other Credo business as it sees fit.

5.3 Extraordinary General Meetings shall be convened by the President or Secretary within 14 days upon receipt of the request of at least ten members or the Committee.

5.4 At least three weeks’ notice (excluding vacations) shall be given to members of all General Meetings. Credo shall submit in writing notice of this meeting to the Union Activities Centre at least three weeks prior to the meeting.

5.5 The quorum for all General Meetings shall be one quarter of the student membership. Voting by proxy will be permitted if written notification of such is received by the Credo Secretary no less than seven days prior to the General Meeting. Proxy votes shall be included within the quorum.

5.6 All motions at a General Meeting must be approved by one-half of those voting, except motions to amend this Constitution which must be approved by ninety percent of those voting.

5.7 The President shall chair all General Meetings of Credo and may have a casting vote in addition to a deliberative vote. In the absence of the President, the Vice-President shall take the chair but shall have a deliberative vote only. In the absence of the President and Vice-President, the Committee shall determine who shall chair the meeting, and that chairperson shall have a deliberative vote only.

B. Committee

5.8 Subject to the Provisions of Clause 5.1 the governing body of Credo shall be the Committee consisting of a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Promotions Officer and such other officers as Credo in general meeting shall from time to time deem necessary.

5.9 Elections for Committee positions shall take place at each AGM. Only Credo members who are also students shall be eligible to stand for election. Outgoing Committee members shall be eligible for re-election subject to meeting this criteria.

5.10 All Committee members shall signify wholehearted agreement with the Doctrinal Basis (Clause 3) before taking office and shall continue in office so long as their views accord with the Doctrinal Basis.

5.11 The Committee shall have power to fill casual vacancies except for the vacancy in the position of President. Presidential vacancies shall only be filled by election at a General Meeting called for that purpose.

5.12 The Committee shall have power to co-opt members of Credo to the Committee. The number of such co-options shall not exceed the number of elected members. The terms of such co-options shall be determined by the Committee at the time of co-option, but shall not extend beyond the next AGM.

5.13 The quorum for Committee meetings shall be two thirds of the number of elected members.

5.14 The Committee may regulate the conduct of its meetings and General Meetings by the adoption of standing orders.

5.15 The Committee shall meet as often as it may deem necessary and at least once each semester.

C. Discipline

5.16 The Committee may expel a member of Credo if in their opinion the member has either persistently refused to comply with the rules or regulations of the society or has acted in a manner prejudicial to the interests of Credo.

5.17 A resolution to expel a member must be passed by three-fourths of those voting and shall not be considered unless the member concerned has been given written notice detailing the nature of the charge at least two weeks prior to the date of the Committee meeting at which the resolution is to be considered.

5.18 A member facing disciplinary proceedings shall be entitled to attend the Committee meeting at which the resolution is to be considered or may submit a written statement to be tabled at the meeting in answer to the charge.

5.19 If the Committee resolves to expel the member, the member shall have a right of appeal to the next General Meeting. Such an appeal shall be made in writing to the Secretary and must be lodged within two weeks of receiving written notification of the Committee’s decision. The lodging of an appeal will suspend the Committee decision until the matter is considered by the General Meeting.

5.20 If at the next General Meeting the members present pass a special resolution in favour of the resolution made by the Committee, the resolution is confirmed and effective from the date of confirmation.

Clause 6. Governing Principles

6.1 The principles of Credo shall be entirely non-denominational.

6.2 The activities of Credo shall further its aims (Clause 2) and shall not compromise the distinctive evangelical witness of Credo to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

6.3 Credo shall seek affiliation with the Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students (AFES).

6.4 Credo shall seek affiliation with ActivateUTS.

6.5 Persons may be asked by the Committee to officially represent Credo in any meeting or activity of Credo only if their views are known to be in wholehearted agreement with the doctrinal basis (Clause 3).

Clause 7. Relations With Individuals And Other Societies

Activities may be arranged with societies with a basis equivalent to that of Credo and with individuals and other societies when the Committee has resolved:

  • Firstly, that the proposed activity furthers the aims of Credo (Clause 2)
  • Secondly, that the distinctive evangelical witness of Credo to the gospel of Christ is not compromised, and
  • Thirdly, that the participants representing Credo both positively uphold the Doctrinal Basis and are known publicly to represent Credo.

Other than activities of this kind no joint arrangements are to be undertaken with societies or individuals who do not uphold the truths stated in the Doctrinal Basis.

Clause 8. Finance

8.1 The President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer shall be Trustees of Credo for the time of their office, and the property of Credo shall be deemed to be vested in them in trust for the members, and they shall deal with the property of Credo as directed from time to time by the Committee. Any action, suit or other proceeding may be taken or brought on behalf of Credo by and in the names of the Trustees. The Trustees, or any two of them, are empowered to sign, seal and otherwise execute and complete all debentures, securities, leases and other documents required to be executed to effectuate any dealing with Credo’s property or any transaction in connection with Credo’s affairs which have been authorised by the Committee.

8.2 The Trustees shall open and maintain a cheque account on behalf of Credo at a branch approved by ActivateUTS Activities Centre, and be operated on all occasions by at least two of the Trustees.

8.3 Sole authority to operate all Credo bank accounts shall be given to the CEO of ActivateUTS, for use in emergency only, such as the dissolution of the society.

8.4 The Committee shall appoint annually a person (with accounting expertise and who is not a member of Credo) to audit the Credo accounts and balance sheet for the financial year proceeding the AGM. After such an audit and following signature from the President and Treasurer, the accounts shall be presented to the members at the next AGM.

8.5 The financial year shall commence on the date stipulated by ActivateUTS.

8.6 Credo shall function as a non-profit society.

Clause 9. Reporting

Subject to affiliation with the AFES

9.1 the President shall table at each General Committee of the AFES a report of the activities of Credo for the last year.

9.2 the Secretary shall notify the National Director of the AFES of the names and contact details of the Credo Committee within three weeks of election.

9.3 copies of the documents required in 9.1 and 9.2 shall be sent to the AFES Sydney Area Chairperson.

9.4 amendments to this constitution shall be tabled by the President at the next AFES General Committee following such amendment.

Subject to affiliation with ActivateUTS

9.5 the President or Committee representative shall attend ActivateUTS Activities Centre meetings, or failing attendance, send written apologies.

9.6 the Secretary shall notify ActivateUTS Activities Centre of the names and contact details of the Credo Committee within three weeks of election.

9.7 amendments to this constitution shall be tabled by the President at the next ActivateUTS Activities Centre meeting.

9.8 the Committee shall ensure re-affiliation documentation shall be submitted as required by ActivateUTS Activities Centre.

Clause 10. Amendments

This Constitution shall not be altered unless the following requirements are complied with:

10.1 notice of proposed amendments are circulated to members for at least three weeks (excluding vacations) prior to the General Meeting called to deal with such proposed amendments.

10.2 the alterations are adopted by resolution of ninety percent of the members present and voting.

Clause 11. Dissolution

11.1 Subject to the provisions of clause 5.4, the society may be dissolved at a General Meeting, provided that half the members are present, and that the resolution is supported by three-fourths of the members present.

11.2 Upon dissolution, all funds and properties of the society shall thenceforth be vested in ActivateUTS, which shall proceed to wind up the affairs of the society

Changes approved by a quorum on 24 September 2018.