Credo’s off-campus mission teams.

Christ Beyond UTS

Credo is a university mission, and through CoMission: we help make disciples of all nations by learning and serving together in off-campus mission teams.

During the Summer and Winter periods, Credo joins with other Christian organisations to contribute to and experience God’s surprising global work.  Teams range in size from a handful to over a dozen, and labour in the Lord together from 4 solid days, and sometimes up to 3 weeks!

If you struggle to go out of your comfort zone in volunteering for the sake of others, there is no better place to experience the power of the gospel than applying to join a Credo CoMission.

We are currently taking expressions of interest for our Summer and Winter CoMission teams, living residentially and partnering in different types of churches around Sydney, in their Christmas outreach.

Winter 2024


DATES: 10th July -12th July

LOCATION: St John’s Anglican Church, Ashfield


TEAM SIZE: 5-8 Students

DESCRIPTION:  Basecamp is a kids club run by Christ Church Inner West. The kids begin and end each day all together as a large group. The rest of the day is spent in a mix of structured activity time and free play with other kids in their age group. Your job as volunteers will be to support a particular age group of kids by running discussion groups, helping the kids do activities and supervising the kids throughout each day.

CRU Winter Study Camp

DATES: 15th July – 19th July

LOCATION: Cru Lake Macquarie Site

TEAM LEADER: Maree Selvaraj

TEAM SIZE: 16-26 People

COST: Approximately $195

DESCRIPTION: Join Aaron, Marcus and Maree on a Winter Study Cru camp at Galston Gorge (near Hornsby). Being a leader on this kind of camp is all about seizing opportunities to practically and spiritually serve a group of 130 Year 12s as they prepare for the HSC, and to challenge them in their thinking as they prepare for life after High School. 

Those that are keen to serve will be expected to have a working with children check, complete Cru’s registration and safe ministry process and attend 1-3 meetings in the lead up to camp.  

Surry Hills Urban Mission (SHUM)

DATES: Every Tuesday evening in July + a few Thursdays & Saturdays (depending on your availability).

LOCATION: Central Station & Surry Hills


TEAM SIZE: 5 Students

COST: Self-prepared food to give away each Tuesday (typically sandwiches)

DESCRIPTION: Serving and sharing Jesus with those in the homeless/street communities of Sydney.


DATES: 21st June – 8th July

LOCATION: Indonesia

TEAM LEADER: Ned Gifford

TEAM: Annalise, Jack, Jess, Kelly and Tom

DESCRIPTION: This year, Credo is heading to Indonesia on a co-mission, partnering with local believers and others, as we continue to see what God is doing around the world.

Summer 2024

Merrylands East Presbyterian Church

DATES: 28th November – 1st December

LOCATION: Merryland East Presbyterian Church

TEAM LEADER: Pierre Thielemans

TEAM SIZE: 6-8 Students

DESCRIPTION: Merrylands East Presbyterian Church is comprised of first, second, and third generation peoples from Egypt, Sudan, Iraq, Lebanon, and Jordan. This is a great opportunity for cross-cultural engagement and learning without buying a plane ticket. The program will give opportunities for giving your testimony, providing input to youth groups, distributing tracts, giving a kids’ talk, and contributing in the Sunday service. As well as serving, there’ll be time to hear from and talk with the pastoral team about their ministry in this context, and time for getting to know church people, including over a traditional meal! Come as servants and learners, open to meeting new people.

St Paul’s Canterbury

DATES: 12th December – 15th December 

LOCATION: St Paul’s Canterbury

TEAM LEADER: Sam Atwood and Angela Wong

TEAM SIZE: 5-7 Students

DESCRIPTION: Join St Paul’s as we assist with their Christmas events in the community through serving kids, youth and a Christmas carol event. St Paul’s is a church for people of many different cultures around the Canterbury area, including an English and Mongolian service

Leichhardt Church (All Souls)

DATES:  12th December – 16th December

TEAM LEADERS:  Paul Winch and Candace Lum Mow

TEAM SIZE: 10 Students

DESCRIPTION:  Assist the church with seasonal Christmas outreach and events, such as Carols, and participate in the regular life of the church at youth group and Sunday services. Usually there are several preaching opportunities for those willing to engage in significant responsibility (ample feedback and support provided).

Kioloa Beach Mission

DATES: 27th December – 3rd January (and a warm up day on the 16th of November)

LOCATION:  Tasman Holiday Parks – Kioloa Beach


TEAM SIZE: 5-8 Students (joining with a bigger beach mission team)

COST: ~$300

DESCRIPTION: Scripture Union Family Missions have been running over summer in caravan parks along the coast for decades. At Kioloa we run events such as a Fun Fair, Disco and Trivia. We also run a daily kids program in the morning and teens hangout in the evenings. All our events and programs are offered free with the hope that families experience the love of Christ and are presented with the Gospel of Christ.

Expressions of interest

Expressions of interest for 2024 CoMissions are open now!