Egg Hunt

Eggs-orbitant HuntThe search for success (29/03 – CB11.04.400)

Well-paid jobs, climbing the corporate ladder, big titles…We are taught to hunt those things down. We are born to chase success. But is success the meaning of life? Is it the purpose of our existence? Come and explore this event – where we examine the value of becoming successful & discover the purpose of a meaning life.

Eggs-citing HuntThe search for friendship (30/03CB11.04.400)

When making friends was the norm back in High School, making good friends in uni seems harder than getting good grades! What does friendship look like in adults? Will it change as we grow up? Join the event where you get to paint your best friend’s face on an egg & explore the greatest friendship in history.

Eggs-ceptional HuntThe search for life (31/03 – CB11.03.301)

Resurrection & how that gives us life! Life is an abstract idea and we question how Jesus’s life and death impact our daily life. Well, come and discover how His death and Resurrection makes an impact on your life too!

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Credo has two weekly PLUS communities where you will be welcomed as we seek to add the fantastic story of Jesus to our degree experience.

We also have PLUS special events around once a month.

Join us for a mix of short talks, stories, panels, debates, Q&A’s and more, as we see and consider how Jesus brings life to uni.

PLUS is for anyone – no matter your background, belief or perspective – let the conversations flow with “friends + ideas + Spirit + you”.

And if you want, show up early or hang around after for extra social time, questions and discussion, because with PLUS, there’s more to uni.

Room Locations & Times


Wednesdays, 12-1pm

Location: Week 6 - CB11.03.301

A community-filled hour featuring a talk, faculty-led interaction time & stories


Thursdays, 5-6pm

Location: Week 6 - No PLUS International this week

A Bible talk for international and local students


Personal Testimonies

Students from Credo share their stories of how they came to know and believe in Jesus.

Josh Chan from Business:

Shu Xian Leong from FOCUS:

Hephzibah George from Health:

Jing from Law:


You can listen to past talks here.

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