Academics, Postgrads & Staff

Who We Are

CAPS (Christianity for Academics, Postgrads, and Staff) is a community for everyone in the university who is not a coursework student. That includes academic staff, postgraduate students (PhD’s and research masters students), and all the professional staff at the university.

We seek to love and serve this community, in particular by presenting them the good news about Jesus, regardless of your background or current beliefs. Doing research or working at the university can be challenging, so we’d love to support you in prayer and by connecting you with other CAPS members. We also like to contemplate what impact the Christian faith has on our work and lives.


What We Do

  • Grow groups: we meet in small group(s) of no more than 8 to read the Bible.
  • Prayer groups: people working in similar fields meet together to pray for their school/faculty/office.
  • Individual pastoral support: even if you’re unable to come to other things, we’d love to simply catch up over a coffee, read the Bible, and pray for you.
  • Investigating Jesus: exploring the Christian faith? We’re happy to meet with you in an informal, casual, 1-on-1 type situation if that’s best for you.


How to get connected

For more information or to sign up, please email [email protected]. Alternatively, fill in the form below.

CAPS Event: Where do your values come from?

Date: 18th of August
Time: 1pm
Location: CB08.05.002

The recent overturning of Roe Vs Wade in the US has fuelled massive protests both for and against abortion.

During the Trump era, political discussion was polarised, with people seeming to talk 'past' each other
on details as well as principles. This raises the question – where do your values come from? Where should they
come from?

**Join us for a CAPS Credo-sponsored open event (everyone, including the non-religious, is welcome). We want to hear about where your values come from!