Plus Communities

Plus Communities Weeks 1-4

Will the real God please stand up?
May I have your attention please? Many of us have a problem here. Uni is stressful and life is hard. Would the real God please stand up and sort this out?
WEEK 1: Introduction
God’s people, the Israelites, are living as slaves in Egypt, and things are rough. They’re well and truly ready to be free people once again, and so they cry out in their distress! Who should hear them, but God himself?

God chooses Moses and Moses’ brother, Aaron, to be His spokesmen to Pharaoh to demand that Pharaoh let the Israelites go to worship God in the wilderness.

But why should Pharaoh listen to Moses or Aaron, or even to their god? Who even is this God of Israel?

WEEK 2: Plagues
OK, seriously… who is this God of Israel? That’s probably what Pharaoh and his officials are asking themselves.

Well, the real God is about to stand up in a big way, and make himself known to the Egyptians through his ten plagues.

God’s about to make a statement to the Egyptians, saying, ‘this is who I AM’.

WEEK 3: Passover
Pharaoh is now fearful of the God of the Israelites, and for good reason! God has revealed himself to the Israelites and the Egyptians as a God of power and wrath.

But is that all that God is? A powerful and wrathful entity? One special event shows us otherwise - that He is also the God of salvation.

WEEK 4: Crossing
Egypt’s gods and rulers are down but not out; now with a superpower army hot on their heels will God’s ragtag people escape to tell the tale?